Wednesday, September 10, 2008

my eyelids look like innertubes

I woke up this morning with some seriously messed up eyelids from the eye-lash glue, and my face was horrific looking and blotchy. So I iced my eyelids and smeared benadryl cream all over my face...and did so until I looked okay to go out in public. Here I am at work, looking a little better. So, I will be reevaluating make-up tonight... my poor little facey.

The dress was lots of fun, and we were all working our hardest. There are a few little issues with the orchestra, but they are being addressed, and we're looking forward to tonight. It's the open dress! YAY. IT will be fab to have an audience to laugh in the right places, etc.

Tomorrow, Joe is coming home and I can't contain my, I just have to do the dishes and take out the garbage, and I'll be ready...

Can't wait!

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Completely Coloratura said...

Hope your run is going well...toi, toi, toi!