Sunday, September 21, 2008

It's sunday

and I'm falling into my bed with a stuffed up nose and a teeny headache...I think the zyrtec is wearing off and it's been a LONG day.

But I am SO lucky that I get to sing in Boheme. Our first rehearsal was today and I'm getting really excited. Riding to rehearsal with Miss AG was great too.

Sometimes I can't believe how cool life is, even when I'm tired, and annoyed and totally dying from whatever pollen is in the air, I realize that the most umimaginably exciting things are happening all the time: reconnecting with a super old friend, Mrs. R's baby kicking!, Puccini, my wedding being three weeks away, my sweet little cat, whose face is so adorable.

And I realized something else. I've lived through some interesting attacks this week, of various types (not the violent kind, now worries), and I'm totally totally fine. Fine with me.

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