Tuesday, September 23, 2008

life works itself out

I LOVE my fiancee!@!!!

He is helping me so much with all the insane wedding details, and always makes time to play through things with me when I need him. We won't even mention how many times I've dragged him on what we now lovingly refer to as "road trips," but that are actually long hellish drives through any amount of traffic gridlock punctuated by me suddenly announcing that I have to get to a ladies room RIGHT AWAY. Like now. It can come at any time, especially with the amount of liquids I ingest. He is so patient and merely laughs at how annoying I am being! Then we stop at McDonald's or Subway if we are being good, after. All this to sing for five minutes and then leave. But that's how we do.

What a day at work it has been. I am breathless and dying to have dinner at home in the quiet and watch Barefoot Contessa. And that is exactly what I will do.

Thank you. Goodbye.

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