Monday, September 29, 2008


Well, it was a crazy weekend. I sang at a wedding, worked tirelessly on my own (lots of little crafts to do, all of which resulted in Joe and I with glitter all over our bodies), sang a little, freaked out a little, bought groceries, complained that we're broke, and packed a few boxes to top it all off.

REALLY fun stuff, though. The debates, of course, at Ms. Z's. She made this unreal cake, too.

Oh man, and I went to the MAC counter and bought make-up. For the wedding, and for auditions, of course. What fun that was.

And now, I am back to my usual: going to my lesson tonight, stressing about my next Boheme rehearsal, because of course you can never know the second act well enough, and wishing that I had an extra thousand dollars to spend on clothes.

But, somehow, I am SO looking forward to the drive tonight. There's something oddly familiar and comforting about driving and stopping at gas stations to buy sodas. I will enjoy it. And try to go over my blocking in my head.

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