Monday, September 15, 2008

Monday morning....

I am living the aftermath of

a) one of the most grueling, albeit totally fun, weeks of my life
b) about four very strong screwdrivers last night with mommy, Joe and Aunt Becky while playing rummikub (I think it is such a dumb game but my mom made us play it)

While I'm really sad that the show is over, I will be so glad to have a break from the driving, which is killing my back, and making me even more bitter about our dependence on foreign oil.

I met some super fun people, and was really blessed with fun dressing-room mates, and I was just so proud of everyone, and how hard they worked. The costumer, a REALLY fab, talented lady, gave each of the girls in my dressing room a gorgeous yellow box yesterday before the last show, and inside was a tiara! It was such a fun present.

I'm still trying to get the eyelash glue off my face. That stuff is unreal.

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