Thursday, September 18, 2008

Ragweed is not my friend, but gray leather boots are

So, I wake up this morning with some symptoms I simply cannot ignore: eyes watering and itching and **the horror!** my throat is scratch-a-rama.

In light of the recent office and opera and general life drama I have been wading through, I thought maybe I was getting sick again. But I'm not, it's just regularly scheduled allergy season coming back to haunt me for my first audition of the season. Now I know why I sounded like ass last night, at least. I had some claritin in the cupboard, which I took, and is barely helping. Time to go to rite-aid and stock up on Zyrtec.

However, as the Universe seems to be in the business of keeping things in balance, I'm very excited to say that I got an awesome pair of gray boots!!!!! ANNDD that we are moving into a new place. I am so thrilled about this new development. Now, I'm not saying now is the perfect time, because, well, it's the worst time imaginable. But hey. Now or never. YAY!

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