Thursday, March 05, 2009

letting go

Tomorrow night we open. So today, I will be swilling water and trying not to talk.

Practicing last night was interesting. Joe thinks I am crazy because I am one of those people who will practice a particular passage into the ground, singing it over and over until it is perfect seventy times in a row, and there are a couple spots in this opera that I feel I could never possibly practice enough! They will always be just the slightest bit scary. But that's the fun of it, I suppose, and why singing is so fabulously rewarding when things go right.

I sang through everything, and felt fine, so now it is time to let go.

It will be important that I don't scream my head off during American Idol like I did last night, too. It was just so dramatic and I get really worked up when the wrong people get through, and then there is the parts where I try to imitate their screamy pop voices, and it is bad for my technique and very embarrassing to everyone else, so I think we will all be happier if I just shut up.

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