Thursday, March 12, 2009

Wow. just wow.

What a week. I keep reminding myself that I need to kind of take it easy because I have to sing DE again in a few days, but pacing yourself is hard during opera week at this particular institution. And everyone seems to be so much crazier than usual too, without even knowing it. I have a couple of twelve hour days this week, and Saturday an audition, but Sunday, thank god, nothing but church. Yay.

Isn't it a full moon, though? That probably doesn't help.

We had someone come to the window last night to buy a ticket for the show, who paid for half of his ticket in PENNIES. Not in a roll, mind you, in a big pile that had to counted. Hundreds of pennies. Just when I thought I'd seen it all.

I need to be on a reality show. It could be called: The Real Opera Singers of Baltimore and the Surrounding Suburbs. And it would feature my friends and me and all the shit we put up with on a daily basis just to try to make enough money to live! IT would be a delightful, dramatic, and particularly snarky addition to all the other fabulous things on Bravo, I think. Don't you? Except that it would catch us being honest and being ourselves, and probably ruin our chance at a career. OR MAYBE NOT???

But hey, I'm up for it.

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